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Improve Your Life With These Healthy Habits

I have been reading a lot about habits recently. I read the book The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg, if you want to learn more about habits I definitely recommend reading this book. It opened my eyes! In the book he talks about why we have certain habits, how you can quit bad habits and gain new habits. Because of this book I got inspired to take more care of my body, I changed eating and sport habits. In this blog post I am going to give you some healthy habit ideas I think you should have to better your live. What I have realised is that if you change one ‘hard’ bad habit, all the other habits will be easy to change. Good luck!

Eat Pattern

If you want to better your live, I think one of the first steps is to change your eating patterns. You can only change your patterns, when your now your patters. The easiest way to do this is by taking notes everytime you eat and what you eat. You can do this on your phone or in a small notebook that fits in your bag. When you look at your notebook you’ll maybe see that you eat chips every night at 9pm. This means you get hungry at that time. You can change this habit by eating an apple instead and reward yourself with something, for example a skin care product.


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When I started eating better I realised I had more energy. I started to workout almost everyday for just 10 minutes. This is an easy way to change your routine. If 10 minutes is to long you can run for 2 minutes or do a 5 minute home workout. At first it is not about the exercise itself but about building a habit. You can’t make a habit of working out for 1 hour a day in just a week. Build it up slowly by adding minutes every day.

Build Routines

I think it is a good way to see habits as stones that build the house. The house is your daily routine, if you don’t have enough stones, your house won’t be strong. It is the same with habits, habits make you the person who you are. You can either be disciplined and succesful in life or you will sit on your bank scrolling through your phone, achieving nothing. It is so important to build those routines, just write down what you do every morning/evening and how much time it takes. Then make the perfect combination (what first, what second…) and calculate how much time it takes in total. Now you know when you have to start your routine to lay in bed on time!

Sleep Enough

Sleep is something very personal, some people say they need only 6 hours and others say they need 9 hours. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aduls (18-60) need at lest 7 hours sleep. Teenagers need even more sleep 8 to 10 hours. Everyone knows you need sleep and rest, but why exactly? During sleep new information is being transfered to the long-term memory. This is why it is so important to sleep after studying. Sleep also increases your productivity and condcentration. There are much more benefits of getting good sleep, you can read a article about it right here.


After a busy day you need to relax. You can do this in perfect combination with taking care of yourself. Go do your skin care routine and always wash yourself. It is so important to do those basic things. If you feel like you don’t have really good hygiene, that’s not a problem. But.. it can be a problem if you don’t change it. Also be consistent with it. Please brush your teeth every day and wash your body. You will also feel better if you put on some parfum and do your hair in a nice style.

Challenge Yourself

I love to challenge myself. After I have completed something hard I feel the dopamine in my body. Dopamine is a chemincal made in your brain whet you finish a task, exercise or feel gratitude. Some ideas to challenge yourself are learning about hormones/brain, nutrition, nature or psychology. You can do free courses online at Something else you can learn is a new hobby! Choose a creative hobby like painting or graphic design and follow free courses on youtube. Or do something outside like walking, (motor)cycling, camping or gardening. There is always something for you!

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you learned something and got motivation to get better habits.

-xx- Nelahy

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